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Bungee Jumping
from crane up to 110 m
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    Let´s go jump the highest Bungee Jumping


Some sentences about us
In the beginning was the core activity Bungee Jumping. Because of increasing customer requirements scope of services reached the extension by another extreme sports. In our team you find some people from any fields. Everyone from us has many years of work experience, but we must continue to learn and we must have better and better technical knowledge. We want to ready to show good and utter work.... more

    9 arguments, why you should try Bungee Jumping in our place!

  • Our company has know-how and many years of experience
  • We offer you the Czech highest Bungee Jumping
  • only in our place in the Czech republic the weight category from 40 to 120 kg and in tandem bungy max. 160 kg together.
  • We offer Bungee Jumping for wheelchairs only our company in the CZech and Europe
  • Safety is on the first place
  • You will enjoy high adrenalinemia without dangerous
  • All the materials are secondary established
  • You will be in charge of preffessional instructors with minimally 2 years experience
  • The best service in outdoor extreme sports
Highest Bungee from the bridge in the Czech
The bridge with 62 metres above the valley river Hačka, is on the present the highest bridge in the Czech, where is Bungee Jumping & Swing Jump
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At present, we have called. Special Internet package with Bungee Limited Edition, that is intended only for the first 200 buyers ... more informations

Anytime Bungee Jumping from TV tower
The only year-round Bungee Jumping in Europe.
Every week. You've come to Harrachov ski, snowboard, cross-country skiing, bike or on summer vacation? To get a Bungee Jumping during your summer or winter vacation? We are here for you in winter too. Plunge into the adrenaline jump head first or feet first from the television tower in Harrachov 145 metres above the city.
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Bungee Jumping Praha, Brno, Ostrava, Olomouc up to 110 meters
We have done Bungee Jumping since 1997.
Let´s try Bungee Jumping from crane up to 110 m.

Let´s order Bungee Voucher on 2024 - 2025 now.
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Turn-key operation
We have done Bungee Jumping since 1997. Discovering the unknow, going beyond limits, entering new world. Let´s try Bungee Jumping from 29 till 146 metres, Bungee Katapult, House Running, Aerodium, Aerotrim, Climbing Wall, Rap Jumping etc.
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History of our company
Our main goal is to satisfy our customers with high quality and complete services. To meet your needs we have a qualified team at your service. This helps our customers achieve favorable prices and the highest quality of services, as well as consideration of legislative and environmental regulations.
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