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> Bungee Jumping > How to order voucher on Bungee Harrachov

On the email address bungyjump@seznam.cz you can order bungee voucher for the season 2019 - 2020 from the Television Tower whose platform to jump Bungee is located at an altitude of 145 meters above the town Harrachov. In Harrachov run Bungee Jumping throughout the year. You can not order a voucher for a specific term, you will be issued with min. 3 months and up to 1 year after exposure.

How to order?
Let´s send us your e-mail order on bungyjump@seznam.cz and write us your post address. We confirm your order to 24 hours and you will get voucher by post to 2 or 3 days or by e-mail an electronic voucher.

How I can to pay?
By post or by cash on the address of the company or by PAYPAL or by bank transfer.

Do I have to write date of jump?
You do not be a voucher min. validity period, which is usually 3 to 12 months. Voucher you book min. 7 days before the jump to a specific date on our email bungyjump@seznam.cz . For reservation is required to give complete voucher number. In the event that the term free, you will receive a confirmation of your date with instructions on how to jump. If the deadline is not free, you will be offered the next available date. Reservations can be canceled at least 7 days before the jump on our email, otherwise it is necessary to appear to jump. When Failing to jump in the booked dates voucher expires.

Is it available to extend the period of voucher?
Yes, there is available.

Is it available write voucher in favour of?
Yes, there is available, for example you want to give a present for your friend, wife, parents etc.

Can I give back or change a voucher?
Yes, you can. You can give back or change a voucher in 14 days from taking without arguments. In the consigment must be undamaged voucher with invoice and payment document. The administrative charge is payed by customer. The administrative charge are CZK 500,-- with VAT for 1 voucher and includes postage, work with giving back or change of voucher.

If you order T-shirt, videorecording and photo
Viderecording you will pay with voucher and we will make record on the bridge during the jump. Or there is availbale to buy videorecording on the bridge. You can buy T-shirt by internet and pay with voucher and you will take out on the bridge.

Is there available company order?
Yes, there is available. You will get invoice with voucher.

Voucher reservation:

  • There is no charge for booking a standard date. The jump time the customer gets automatically assigned by the provider when booking.
  • When booking a standard term at the customer's request, a fee for the exact time of CZK 1,000 / person is charged.

Late booking of a voucher from slevomat.cz:

  • A valid reservation request contains the date of the jump, the place of the jump and a valid voucher number (voucher code)
  • A reservation sent to our email no later than 6 days after the date by which the reservation should have been made is charged a fee of CZK 500 / voucher.
  • The fee is payable in cash on the day of the jump before the jump

Reservation of a voucher from a discount machine in violation of the conditions of use:

  • A valid reservation request contains the date of the jump, the place of the jump and a valid voucher number (voucher code)
  • The reservation must be sent to our email bungyjump@seznam.cz
  • The fee for using the voucher in violation of the conditions of use is the amount that makes the difference CZK 1,500 (standard price of the jump) - (minus) the price of the purchased voucher, and this amount is calculated in the booking confirmation from the email address bungyjump@seznam .cz
  • The fee is payable in cash on the day of the jump before the jump