www.bungyjump.cz - bungee jumping, stunts and parties. All about Bungee Jumping, Bungee, Bungy, Bungee history. Bungee Jumping from the highest bridge in Czech from 62 m above the river Hačka near the Chomutov - Horní Ves, 90 km from Prague.


Bungee Jumping 62 m
from bridge, Chomutov
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Swing Jump 62 m
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Bungee Jumping
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Bungee Jumping
from crane up to 110 m
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Plzeň 50 m
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Ostrava 50 m
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Bungee Limited Edition is only for ordering via the Internet on delivery

- Bungee Limited Edition is available only in 200 pieces
- Once the Bungee Edition sold out, you can not even buy a piece of bungee ropes separately
- A piece of bungee ropes can also be purchased separately only with Bungee jumping over the internet and only with payment on delivery. At one address can be sent only one piece. Orders should be sent by default to our email bungyjump@seznam.cz
- In a limited edition package will receive: bungee voucher to jump, bungee shirt, your parachute on DVD, a short bungee rope and bungee certificate
- By mail you will receive: bungee voucher and a piece of bungee ropes. T-shirt receive a jumper before the jump according to the size that best fits him and bungee diploma and a DVD of your jump will receive after the jump
- A piece of bungee ropes you can build or put in a display case as a souvenir as a reminder that life you saved thousands of rubber bands
- Price Bungee Limited Edition or the price of a piece of rope to bungee jump, see our website in our price list